12 days of Christmas Giving

pling 12 days of christmas contest giveaway

12 Days of Christmas. 12 Days of Giving.
Thank you for so fabulous to pling in 2013! You are what kept us learning, creating, and believing in what we do. Even though we may not be able to say "thank you" to every one of you, we'd love to give a little something from our heart this Christmas before we wind up 2013. Revealed daily. Here's our last - Day 12.

December 11, 2013 by tracy @ pling

{ story domes }

story domes by pling

The creation of STORY DOMES has been simmering in my mind for many months as I admire aquariums, apothecary jars and terrariums. I wanted something wearable and in keeping with the whimsical look of pling's pieces. Furthermore, I envisioned this collection to tell a story, which is always a source of inspiration.

October 08, 2013 by tracy @ pling

color inspiration: green gold

pling handmade jewelry jewellery singapore online

Forest green and emerald green are so eternal in style. I love its combination with opulent gold or antiqued gold. It makes the whole outfit classical, slightly mysterious, and yet cute. You can go elegant with it, or you can go cheerful - yes, even with its sombre tone. Pair off with opaque or knitted tights and boots for a cheerful day of exploration.

September 13, 2013 by tracy @ pling

plingshop is live!

pling is finally open! After many moons of re-dressing, and many late nights of plugging into earphones and coding away, and grimacing over designs and poring over typography, plingshop is live - with a new look, a new brand logo, an online shop, and unifying my previous blogshop, plingonline.com. I can hardly hide my excitement!

There are many people to thank.

For fear of sounding like giving a teary 'thank you for the award' speech, please allow me the luxury of naming in general. My friends (you know who you are) for being my sounding boards - listening to my ideas and sometimes misty concepts that I cannot articulate as well as I'd like to. My customers, whose loyalty and messages never fail to encourage me, and whose patience and anticipation tell me that they remember pling. And most importantly, God. Without Him, I would never enjoy such blessings, strength and opportunities. With Him, all things are possible - this dream of running my little business, and creating pieces with my heart, head and hands, and having you like them. Thank you! ♥

Celebrate the opening of pling!


  • From now till August 31, enjoy 15% off storewide. How do you do that? Enjoy the discount code 'plingshopopen' when you are checking out your shopping cart. This happens at Step 2 of your shopping journey.

  • And for pling's customers who are residing in Singapore, enjoy additional free local shipping when you purchase S$100 or more from us. There is no need to enter any discount. It will be automatically applied when your purchases are over S$100.

Also, remember to sign up for pling news (signup form is at the header and footer of this new website).

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[ Hint: There is going to be another a giveaway contest very soon! ]

Now, I can't wait to start creating new pieces. Onward we go!

August 22, 2013 by tracy @ pling

{ a petite bow }

Much have happened since my last post and collection - family, work, and life in general, have gone onto another stage for me. My dear pling customers, fans, friends and supporters, thank you for all your lovely emails and notes during this time! You remind me about this little haven that I've created and help keep my humble dream alive! Pacing myself around this new routine, pling is back after the mad rush during the Xmas season. And I thank all of you for being so kind and patient with me and pling.

Now, onto my 1st post for this wonderful new year, and by sharing this inspiration during my one of my travels...

I was inspired by this sculpture which I saw at Musée d'Orsay in Paris - 'La Petite Danseuse' by Edgar Degas. Intrigued by the satin hair ribbons and real gauze skirts, this bronze dancer was a fine example of Impressionist art - powerful in emotions, and hyper-real with its real gauze tutu, pointe shoes and satin pink ribbons. Looking at the pictures I took of this beautiful piece of art, I recalled how tempted I was to add something to this pretty figure - a similarly petite bow necklace with an ethereal glitter from a single Swarovski crystal.

On hindsight, I created these to conjure that lovely memory, and to accompany your simpler days.

January 05, 2011 by tracy @ pling

{ two souls, one heart }

Back after a brief respite...thank you for all your FB messages and emails while I was away, and your support for pling's entry in the Singapore Blog Awards. I feel much love! And love is what inspired this post and these creations.

Whether you are happily married, attached, or single, I'm sure we all desire to share our lives and our dreams with someone we love and respect. Borrowing the popular French saying 'deux ames un cœur', which translates to 'two souls, one heart', I dedicate this wedding collection to these happy thoughts which filled my mind and heart, when I was conceptualizing, designing and creating these pieces.

For the recollection of this day, even years after...
For the start of a beautiful journey together...
For something new, something old, and something borrowed...
For those lovely bridesmaids, dear friends and mothers, who are by your side this momentous day...

And of course, you can wear these on non-wedding days to add an element of sweet romance, or a dash of Victorian charm to your getup. These bracelets are particularly wonderful as gifts for bridemaids, which they could wear in replacement of floral corsages on wedding day, and treasure as keepsakes thereafter.


Trying to keep this elation and happiness under wraps is not easy. These 3 days, I'm restless...gleefully restless. After the official news is out that pling is a finalist in the Singapore Blog Awards 2010 for Best e-Commerce Blog, I so wanted to celebrate!

I'm one for celebrating life's every little success or happiness - even if you think the achievement is puny. There is too much unhappiness in the world, that are beyond our control - natural disasters, death, cruelty, corporate greed, and the like. So, make merry and give yourself a pat on the back whenever you are blessed with favor!

Whether pling wins this or not is secondary now. It's still an achievement for pling. And I'm very blessed to have the support of family, friends, customers, and you, who is reading this now.

A bottle of wine tastes best when shared with loved ones, and people who sustain you, who share your joys and your sorrows, and who are by your side when you need them. So, here's Happiness...unbottled and shared!

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Thank you to all those who have voted and are continuing to vote for us! :) :) :)

Top 10 Finalist in Singapore Blog Awards for Best e-Commerce Blog

pling is selected as one of the Top 10 Finalists in Singapore Blog Awards 2010 for Best e-Commerce Blog!


The news came yesterday, and immediately I shared this on the FB page. I was letting this sink into my system, so that I can write with some sense today. Yes, I'm that excited. Somehow, I still can't believe it. I'm not exaggerating, because there are really a lot of good blogshops out there, and pling is a humble start-up - doing our thing quietly and surely, and hoping to share good work with everyone.

If you are reading this, I'm asking for your support to vote for pling in the Best e-Commerce category. Each person can vote 1 time per day. If you could spare a few minutes of your time every day to click onto the website to vote for me, I would be very thankful! ^^


1. Logon to the Singapore Blog Awards site.

2. Click on the "Best e-Commerce Blog". (Circled in red)

3. If you are not an omy member, find the registration balloon at the header of the site. (See picture above: Circled in green) and create an account to start voting.

4. If you are already an omy member, or after you register and verify your account, find pling's logo (Circled in yellow) and click on the pink banner at the bottom RH corner to 'vote' now.

There are prizes to be won for all of you who have voted! (But of course, you all voted to show your support for pling right?)

  1. Garmin ASUS M10 smart phone
  2. 10 x Fabrix Laptop Cases
  3. 3D2N Stay at Villa Nalinnadda, Koh Samui
  4. 3D2N Stay in Sunda Resort Krabi

{ all that gold and glitter… }

...are not diamonds. And, just perfect for this season's uptown elegance or rebel cool.

Get some glitter going with your delicate feminine blouse in sheer cream, or a mini-floral print dress. Think easy elegance. A touch of luxe, and not too much.

Or if urban cool is your thing, layer simple separates in jersey, denim and leather, and throw in a touch of nostalgia with a vintage-style long necklace. I especially love that vintage gold-plated whistle! This dainty thing really works! It is harmonizing wondrously with my long black tee and blush-hued biker jacket for a downtown-perfect ensemble.

[ post has been edited, removing 'sold out' items ]

{ fab fabrics }

Weave. Spin. Wrap.

I love fabrics. Do you?

I love the colors, the diverse patterns, and the varied textures.

Recently, I've been a little obsessed over polka dots, stripes and checks, and thought how neat it would be to "weave" them into pling's pieces. In my head, I'm thinking along the lines of 'quirky, fun and kawaii', with a tinge of that unaffected romanticism which is comfortable, but yet, brings a smile to the face.

Here, I present to you my 1st series of fabric-wrapped necklaces and ring, adorned with ladybirds and fleurs.