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Weave. Spin. Wrap.

I love fabrics. Do you?

I love the colors, the diverse patterns, and the varied textures.

Recently, I've been a little obsessed over polka dots, stripes and checks, and thought how neat it would be to "weave" them into pling's pieces. In my head, I'm thinking along the lines of 'quirky, fun and kawaii', with a tinge of that unaffected romanticism which is comfortable, but yet, brings a smile to the face.

Here, I present to you my 1st series of fabric-wrapped necklaces and ring, adorned with ladybirds and fleurs.

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Pei Ling

Pei Ling said:

Hey I’m Pling too! Saw your stall some years ago and really liked it. Now I found your site!

Just wondering, why is this necklace called Julie & Julia?


sihui said:

hello! can u sell me some wooden ladybugs? i need them for my own school project rather urgently. :X

Thank you! :)

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