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The creation of STORY DOMES has been long in coming. It has been simmering in my mind for many months (almost a year in fact) as I admire landscapes in aquariums, apothecary jars and terrariums. I wanted something wearable, without staining our clothes and in keeping with the whimsical and romantic look of pling's pieces. Furthermore, I envisioned this collection to tell a story, which is always a source of inspiration for me.

The name "Story Domes" was coined by a dear friend as I bounced the ideas that I had for this collection with her. And just like how this collection aims to encapsulate a scene in a story, or an imagery from a memory, or a fragment of a daydream, the name of collection is, in a nutshell, that. The tagline "inspired by stories • housed in a dome" easily followed after, and is a crisp explanation of what this collection is about.

The Little Prince is a story that I have always loved, and occasionally pick the book out from my shelf to read and re-read. Many friends have shared the same sentiments I have for this book - one that you can read at different stages of your life to derive different meanings that are important to you. For its many beautiful themes, it serves as a gentle reminder of what is essentially important in our relationships with family, with friends, and with the world in general. Do you love this story as well? If you do, I'm sure you will love The Little Prince's Rose necklace.

Bunny in the Woods and Cat in the Meadow necklaces are natural concoction for me as I draw inspiration from some of my friends who love rabbits and cats. They appear often in imagery from childhood storybooks, or milieu from cartoons. I wanted to capture the joviality of these scenes and encase them in another pling's signature collection, STORY DOMES.


We will be adding more pieces to this collection in future. If you have a story or imagery that you personally like, we would love to hear from you. You can share by posting a comment below.


October 08, 2013 by tracy @ pling
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