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bunny in the woods


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A little white bunny went hippety-hop across the woods to meet its friends for a picnic by the babbling brook. As the season changed from summer to autumn, this breezy day called for a peaceful nibbling of those delicious grass by the river bank. After hopping on four legs for a while, the little bunny sat down, paws up, for a tiny rest beside a giant red mushroom and a sweet little flower. With its long ear perked up to discern the slightest rustle of leaves, the bunny wiggled its itty-bitty nose and took a whiff of the autumnal air.

This story dome necklace encapsulates an imagery we have of bunnies from childhood storybooks and snippets of cartoons. The little bunny, carefully hand-molded from clay, sits beside a red mushroom and a golden mini flower charm on a mossy grass patch. Bounding from a 14K gold-plated chain, this whimsical necklace is best worn on a fun weekend out exploring cafes, taking photos, or having picnic with friends.

This necklace is long and hangs below the chest. As pling's STORY DOMES are made of glass, they will come encased in a gift box within a bubble envelope.

As the white bunny is individually handmade, there may be very slight variations to its face. The scene is also concocted one at a time and there may be slight differences, which make it all the more unique and special. We will try to keep its form as close as possible to the pictures illustrated here.

  • Clay white bunny
  • Mushroom charm
  • Mini flower charm
  • Mini butterfly charm
  • Fabricated moss
  • Glass dome
  • 14K gold-plated chain with adjustable extension


From top of the chain (unclasped) to bottom of dome Length 45.2cm
Glass dome Height x Diameter 3.9cm x 2.5cm

Product Code: NA0306