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the little prince's rose


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Inspired by "The Little Prince" by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, this story dome necklace illustrates the LIttle Prince's love for his rose, which he wanted to place protected under a glass dome before he left his Star for Earth.

This is a story that we read, and re-read at different stages of our life and still managed to find new meanings and valuable reminders - the nature of real love, respecting of one's responsibilities in this world, understanding the true importance of life, appreciating the small wonders of the world, looking beneath the surface and seeing with one's heart instead of just eyes, and what makes a home truly special. There are so many beautiful meanings in this story that we love and believe in.

Sprinkled with golden star charms to mimic the Little Prince's Asteroid home, this story dome necklace houses a little rose perched upon a mossy half-globe on a crown-like base and dangles from a 14K gold-plated chain. The Little Prince's Rose story dome necklace is an epitome of beauty, love and friendship. And just like the story of The Little Prince, it is an unique necklace that you will love to have, or relish to give to your loved ones.

This necklace is long and hangs below the chest. As pling's STORY DOMES are made of glass, they will come encased in a gift box within a bubble envelope.

The scene is concocted one at a time and there may be very slight differences. We will try to keep its form as close as possible to the pictures illustrated here.

  • Metal rose
  • Star charms
  • Fabricated moss
  • Glass dome
  • 14K gold-plated chain with adjustable extension


From top of the chain (unclasped) to bottom of dome Length 45.5cm
Glass dome Height x Diameter 4cm x 2.4cm

Product Code: NA0305