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Step out with a stunning persona & an even more gorgeous attitude by accessorizing your life!

pling believes that there is a child in all of us, craving for a fantasy world where we can enjoy the simple beauty of life & the wild dreams that imagination can offer.

Be it looking forward to our futures, or indulging in memories of our past, I hope that pling can exhibit the many moods & faces that are inherent in a woman. There’s no limit to beauty, is there?

Whether it’s sweet vintage, sensual femininity, or romantic make-believe, pling hopes to provide an enclave for that small world where we find comfort, assurance and heartening stories. Inspired by seemingly mundane everyday musings, such as green leafy plants, fluffy clouds, sky, blooming flowers, travels around the world and glistening dewdrops of artistry, pling thrives on translating the myriad of scintillating images from movies, books and music into pieces that you can wear.

Hailing from the forever-summery island of Singapore, pling digs for treasures locally and all over the world, transforming many a rare find into delicately handcrafted accessories. Our handmade goodies may tell a story, speak about a theme or just by being themselves - practical & delicious! Express your uniqueness & individuality with these handmade accessories that we’ve lovingly designed and created.



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