pling is your little haven to shop for handmade jewelry, or fashion accessories and zakka we love from around the world. Our necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings and zakka draw inspiration from the old-world charms of Paris, illustrated children storybooks, vintage finds, God’s ingenious colorings on earth and gazing into the sky. Whether sweet vintage, sensual femininity, romantic make-believe, or whimsical fantasy, our jewelry may tell a story or speak about a theme that appeal to your unique individuality and style.

Starting out as a blogshop ( in 2007, pling is very excited to finally have this website up and running! To our friends, loyal customers & supporters, thank you for your patience during the long wait, for the encouraging messages that you have sent to us, and for eagerly anticipating our new creations. Now that we have got and the blog unified, you will love the convenience of shopping and reading our latest updates on 1 website. As we happily plunge into creating new pieces & scouring the world for must-have zakka, we'll surely bring you more creations and finds that we'd love to have ourselves!