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alice loves tea earrings


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{ Alice and her tea cup with semiprecious grapefruit pink quartz }

'Have some more tea!' said the Mad Hatter to Alice.
'I haven't had any yet,' said Alice, 'so how can I have any more?'

Inspired by the Mad Hatter's tea party, this charming pair of earrings spotlights on Alice and her favorite tea cup in curvy gold frames while semiprecious stones of grapefruit pink quartz dangles at its ends.


  • Brass gold scalloped frame featuring laminated Alice and Teacup art prints
  • Semi-precious stone - grapefruit pink quartz
  • Brass ear hooks



Drop Length 6.9cm
Framed Alice and Teacup art prints Diameter 2.8cm

Product Code: EA0170