noir flight necklace


Brand pling

{ matte gold flying swallow with black ornate Swarovski crystal }

We love returning from another country at night. As you look through the window on a plane, you can see the twinkling city lights below and your heart instantly warms up. Home. Nothing beats returning after a long journey, a business trip or an exciting adventure. After a sweet shower, a deep slumber in your own bed sends one flying off into the dark to a dreamland where beautiful memories reside.

This necklace forms an elegant Y. Its pendant of matt gold soaring swallow and black ornate Swarovski crystal rests nicely on your chest bone.


  • Matte gold Swallow pendant
  • Swarovski black ornate crystal
  • Gold brass chain with adjustable extension


From top of chain (unclasped) to the base tip of Swarovski crystal Length 26.5cm
Swallow Length 6cm

Product Code: NA0266