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queen alice and dinah necklace


Brand pling

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Dinah, Alice’s beloved cat, is hanging on to her as she burrows down the rabbit-hole to go after the curious White Rabbit. And what do you know? She actually met the Queen! Alongside the Chesire Cat, what a fantastical world!

Inspired by the tale of Alice In Wonderland, and all the curious characters in the story, this necklace features Alice in a curvy gold frame with a becoming gold crown above. I think Alice is more fit to be queen than the Queen in the story! Dinah, her beloved cat at home, seems to be holding on to her as she goes exploring that Wonderland.

This necklace is long and hangs below the chest.


  • Brass gold scalloped frame featuring a laminated Alice art print
  • Matte silver cat
  • Gold crown
  • Gold brass chain with adjustable extension


From top of chain (unclasped) to bottom of cat Length 41.4cm
Framed Alice art print Diameter 2.8cm

Product Code: NA0281