rose tea or apple tea bracelet


Brand pling

{ rose pink quartz and green apple quartz with Alice's teacup }

'Would you like a cup of rose tea or apple tea?'

Well, you can have both in this becoming bracelet! Hinting of the coming of spring, where flowers bloom and fruits start to ripen, this bracelet features a vintage-green teacup in lace edge setting, beaded together with striking red beads, a semiprecious pink rose quartz and green apple quartz. How delightful it would be to have afternoon tea with your lovely friends and this unique bracelet dangling from your wrist! Don't forget some cookies and scones! Ohh, how I love tea (thee)!


  • Brass gold scalloped frame featuring a laminated Alice's Teacup art print
  • Semi-precious stone - Pink rose quartz
  • Semi-precious stone - Green apple quartz
  • Faceted red beads
  • Gold brass lobster clasp with adjustable extension


From lobster clasp to fastener (unclasped) Length 17.5 - 24cm
Framed Alice's Teacup art print Diameter 2.8cm

Product Code: DA0007