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sweet childhood memories


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{ dainty silver rocking horse pendant with candy on the side }

Childhood are made of sweet things. I remembered vividly the rocking horse that my brother had and we were always fighting to get a chance at it. And all those rides at the fairs and outside shops. They don’t make them like they used to anymore.

Sweets. Which child doesn’t like that? As children, we were only allowed a few per day for fear of our teeth decaying or losing our appetite for proper meals later on. Our parents often used them as ‘bribes’ for doing household chores or getting the room tidied. How wonderful that we got to enjoy these sweet things! This necklace is a tribute to those times, with a matt silver rocking horse as the pendant and a sweet made of a baby pink Swarovski crystal and teal Czech flowers as part of the chain, on the side.

The necklace rests on the chest bone.


  • Rocking horse charm
  • Czech glass flower bead
  • Baby pink Swarovski crystal
  • Rhodium chain with adjustable extension


From top of chain (unclasped) to the bottom of the rocking horse pendant Length 27cm
Rocking horse pendant Width x Height 1.6cm x 1.6cm

Product Code: NA0262