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time flies necklace


Brand pling

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{ pocket watch, clock face pendant with wings and black pearl }

The White Rabbit is late! Time always flies in our world. Many times, before we even realize it, it’s time to wrap up something or take leave from a favorite place.

A whimsical rendition of that, this necklace features the White Rabbit’s pocket watch as the main pendant, with a pair of wings above to indicate the transcendant nature of time. Dangling from the pendant, it’s a black Swarovski pearl that complements the stylized watch face.

This necklace is long and hangs below the chest.


  • Brass gold scalloped frame featuring a laminated Pocket Watch clock face art print
  • Swarovski black pearl
  • Gold wings
  • Gold brass chain with adjustable extension


From top of chain (unclasped) to the bottom of black pearl Length 41.4cm
Framed Pocket Watch art print Diameter 2.8cm


Product Code: NA0282